Ad unit properties

Parameter description required
slot Full path of the ad unit with the network code and unit code. yes
width Width of the ad unit. yes
height Height of the ad unit. yes
json see JSON properties no

JSON properties

Parameter description
targeting Sets a custom targeting parameter for this slot.
categoryExclusions Sets a slot-level category exclusion for the given label name.
cookieOptions Sets options for ignoring DFP cookies on the current page (0: enabled, 1: disabled)
tagForChildDirectedTreatment Configures whether the slot should be treated as child-directed.

Where to find your ad properties

In the code generated by DoubleClick you can find the required values where the googletag.defineSlotfunction are used.

For the example above, values for the properties are:

name: ad-roba_1
type: doubleclick
slot: /12345678/ad-roba_1
width: 300
height: 250

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